V2D : Videos of the Week 2diabolos.com

Since  17th May 2009, you may apply for the « best video of the week ». We called this operation the « V2D » which is a french name but english compatible : the Video 2diabolos.com.

It does not need at all to be 2 diabolos tricks, any video with a diabolo, funny or serious, simple or complicated could apply.

Who can apply :
EVERYBODY ! You just have to create a free blog-diabolo . The best is to have first a forum account on 2diabolos.com, and then make it become a blog-diabolo (look at your profile page)

Who can vote : everybody from the 2diabolos forum can vote, people from blog-diabolo may also vote, under certain conditions of activity.

What could you win

  1. Every proposed video could be included into the next collaborative video from 2diabolos.com.
  2. You can win the big fame to be on the first page of 2diabolos.com and blog-diabolo.fr. The recognition is big : all members from 2diabolos.com/blog-diabolo, the biggest french speaking diabolo community.
  3. Some week, a sponsor give something for the first guy. This is the case for the fist V2D : the winner will get 1 diabolo GENIUS !

How to apply

Just put a video in an article in your blog-diabolo, and publish it !
(nearly) Every video type are accepted : dailymotion/youtube (just put the URL in your post) , mov, avi, etc ….
One video could not be applied twice … and the database has a good memory !
When you publish the article, you automatically apply for the V2D contest of the current week.

How does a continuous contest work ?

On  a given week number « N »:

  • You may apply for the V2D of week number N+2
  • You may vote for the V2D of the week N+1,
  • You may see the V2D of that week N on the main page 2diabolos.com (and blog-diabolo.fr).

Rules and limitations

The video should at least have one diabolo inside; and should not shock anybody (speacially the law).
You should have made or participate to the vidéo. If someone else claim that’s it is his video and does not want to participate, I will suppress the video.
One video could be proposed just once (and my database has a big memory)

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